Welcome to Kibble

Brand is a commitment to deliver every time & anytime and keeping that promise in mind our Founder and CEO Anjanaa Viij started this journey with KIBBLE in 2004.

With our deeply embedded strong core values to deliver the industry with expert solutions for cleaning and hygiene both pre and post sales we have gained an immense customer family over the years. With a wide range of precisely selected manual cleaning equipments we have been able to successfully serve leading corporate houses, hotels, hospitals, facility management companies, housekeeping providers in private as well as public sectors.

We have been accustomed to believe that client is god and god should never leave without being served so to reach price sensitive customer we introduced DELPH to the Indian market so serve with our solutions to all.

Our Values

We excel at helping clients with the right selection of tools to match their needs. Apart from providing consultants services at client’s location, we also provide extensive on-site training and adequate after-sales support.

  • Our Mission

    We aim to sustainable & organically reach every corner of India, simultaneously growing our distribution abroad. We also aim at vertical growth by becoming the largest and most profitable janitorial manufacturer in India. Last but not the least, become one of India’s most-loved brands with excellent customer service.

  • Our Vision

    People in India are often fascinated by the standards of cleanliness in first world countries. We aim to bridge the gap by educating the market on the significance of cleanliness, & help people implement smart cleaning practices easily, by making them adept in cleaning technique selection. We also thrive to introduce people to touch-free practices and other technologies that help in significantly reducing health hazards on the cleaning personnel.