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Our founder and CEO Anjanaa Viij started the journey of Kibble in 2004 with a commitment to deliver any time & every time in the world of cleaning and hygiene. Setting up base from the hotel industry, we moved forward to transform cleaning in a wide array of sectors including but not limited to hospitals, restaurant chains, large convention centres & malls. With massive growth in numbers as well as positive testimonials in a short span of time, we took the plunge to become a Made-in-India brand gone global. We now have a solid distribution network with supplies reaching pan India and overseas as well.

Almost two decades in, we have been constantly adding new products to cater to the ever changing needs of the cleaning market, in India as well as overseas. We have a wide range of distinctly designed manual cleaning equipment, which is smart and affordable. We have consistently focused on diversifying our portfolio, to include sectors like hotels, hospitals, corporate offices, facility management companies, housekeeping providers in the private as well as public sector, and many others.

All of this has been made possible because of our focus on two primary spheres - product design and customer service.

Our manufactured products

Important Products

  • Caddie

    A handheld caddie to hold tools, cleaning, medical, and art supplies.

  • Signage

    Two-sided, bright yellow plastic sign boards, can be read from far away

  • Tool Holder

    Tool organizer made up of ABS to hold handles. Easy to grip & hold. Ergonomic & durable, made with heavy quality polymer

  • Wippie Superio

    Wippie a double-blade floor wiper for excellent wiping results. Inclined design for uniform pressure for efficient cleaning

  • Rubber Gloves

    Heavy duty, light weight, fire resistnt and acid resistant hand gloves for multiple purposes

  • Caddie

    A handheld caddie to hold tools, cleaning, medical, and art supplies.

  • Nipper Mini

    Nipper - a magnetic litter clamp that can absorb speculate ironwork., easy to pick light objects

  • Single Blade Floor Wiper

    Heavy duty floor squeegee design to remove water & moderate amounts of dirt on many different surfaces

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Mopping Systems

  • Velcro Damp Mopping System

  • Dustie Dry Mopping System

  • Lamellar Damp Mopping System

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Microfiber Hand Dusters

  • Red - High Risk Areas

    Suitable for toilets, wc, urinals, sanitary fittings, washroom floors

  • Blue - General Low Risk Areas

    Suitable for rooms,
    offices, corridors, halls, receptions

  • Green - Food Areas

    Suitable for canteens,
    restaurants, kitchens, cafeterias

  • Yellow - Medium Risk Areas

    Suitable for pipe works,
    dispensers, sinks, taps, basins, cubical

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Buckets, Trolleys & Carts

  • Wetto Bucket

    Wetto Buckets Double with conical squeezer. Comes with a partition to keep clean & dirty water separate

  • Single 25

    Single bucket 25 ltrs. with down press wringer. Single bucket for clean & dirty water

  • Double 30 Deluxe

    Double bucket with down press wringer. Double buckets to keep clean & dirty water separate

  • Scoutt Mini

    Small janitor carts are a perfect solution for organizing and transporting janitorial supplies with two working stations

  • Scoutt Turbo

    Large janitor carts are a perfect solution for organizing and transporting janitorial supplies. with three working stations

  • Round Mop MF

    Round mop microfiber for general purpose cleaning with excellent absorbency and strength

  • Greatmaid 1001

    A complete solution for linens & guest amenities with a modular construction

  • Hopper

    A waste collection cart with 166 ltrs. round container with heavy wheel base with four wheels & paddle to
    unload the container

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