Which Trolley & Where?

Cleaning trolleys / carts are light weight & easy to operate carrying a variety of cleaning tools. The type of trolley depends upon the environment of cleaning in which it is to be used. If cleaning a small room or office where the space and cleaning surfaces are limited, a simple compact trolley will be sufficient whereas if the size of the room is big & cleaning operations are complex & need a variety of tools, a large janitor cart would be necessary so that it does not run out of supplies. However, if the trolley is too bulky to push it could slow down the operator.

So how does one choose the right kind of trolley suitable for the cleaning environment?

Apart from the size of the room, the type of floor present & the level of hygiene required play a major role in choosing the right kind of cleaning system.

Hospitals tend to require a flat mopping system where as carpeted office floors require a vacuum cleaner rather than a mopping system. It is also important to consider waste collection system of a trolley to segregate different types of waste like from a hospital or hotel.

While configuring a trolley it is important to keep in mind the requirement of operations like a covering lid on top or segregating recycling, storage & cleaning sections, waste collection, type of wheels, weight of the trolley, etc..

Kibble provides a variety of buckets, trolleys & carts fulfilling the above needs for all major sectors like hospitals, hotels, and institutions.

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