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Impact Resistant Polypropylene

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer used in a variety of applications. It comes in various forms. A regular polypropylene is a homopolymer formed from a single type of monomer & has no inter-fiber linkage which makes it a weak & low resistant structure giving it a short life. It makes the material brittle increasing the chances of damage.

Whereas a special grade of impact-resistant polypropylene is a co-polymer where two or more monomers unite together to form inter-fiber linkage making it a strong & stable grade of the polymer. It results in a soft polymer with excellent tensile strength imparting great elasticity & shock absorbent capacity. It increases the life of the material affecting price longevity as it reduces the overall expenditure on re-purchasing of products. Impact-resistant polymers are usually chosen to perform in tough environments because it has the ability to withstand shocks.

Kibble manufactures its products with IMPACT RESISTANT POLYPROPYLENE to provide its customers with high quality & durability. This material is recyclable.

Kibble Caddie – A Carry Basket is a perfect example to show the strength of the material used. Even if we throw a Caddie filled with water from a good height do not break, it absorbs the shock, and white lines appear on the affected areas.

Usually, clients judge the whiteness or white-lines in products as a low-quality product, but Kibble tries to educate its customers with the right knowledge.


White symbolizes the type of material used. Impact-resistant materials tend to become white from the effected parts while resisting impacts or shocks.

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