Choosing the Right Mop for Cleaning

To maintain proper cleaning standards it is important to choose the right kind of mop. Choosing a mop comprises of material type, material quality, which mop to be used where, size, color, etc.

Before making this important decision one needs to understand every aspect of a mop.


  1. Launder-ability – It is determined by the times a mop can be washed & dried before it becomes worn out. Materials with the highest launder-ability are microfibers, synthetic, blends.
  2. Absorbency – It is a material's ability to absorb liquid, which means its ability to clean up spills & drying floors quickly & thoroughly. Materials with good absorbency are cotton, blends, microfibers.
  3. Cleaning Power – it indicates the material's ability to clean dust, dirt & residue from floors. Materials with excellent cleaning power are microfibers, synthetic, blends.
  4. Release – It is a material's ability to release water on the floor or during squeezing it into wringer. Materials with a high level of releasing capacity are microfibers, synthetic.
  5. Durability – It indicates the length of time to change a mop. Materials with high durability are synthetics and blends.


  1. Loop cut end mops – These types of mops are least expensive but isn’t launder-able & low in durability
  2. Loop ends mops – These mops offer better coverage and area made with tail bands that prevent bunching up, keeping it flat on the floor to provide better coverage on the surface that loop cut mops.


  1. Cotton – They are economical & have a good absorbency but they dry slowly & have low durability. They are good for light-duty cleaning.
  2. Blends – They are made with a blend of cotton & synthetic. This combination gives a good balance of affordability & performance. They are a good choice for everyday cleaning.
  3. Microfiber – They are made with fine synthetic fibers. They are highly absorbent & offer good cleaning action. They are expensive but highly durable, so they can be laundered repeatedly without deteriorating. They are a perfect choice for general cleaning purposes.
  4. Synthetic – Synthetic fiber blend cotton mops are made with tough polyester backing that lasts longer & doesn’t shrink even after multiple washes.

Which property for which application?

For general cleaning choose mops with absorbency, release & cleaning power. Cotton is a good choice for low-cost cleaning.

For disinfection of floors, a mop with a good release, chemical resistance, and launder-ability is required. Synthetic & microfibers are a good choice for disinfecting floors.

For wooden floors, it’s important to choose flat microfiber mops to avoid scratching on floors.

For floors with grooves choose mops with a high static charge. Microfiber & synthetic are perfect for such floors.

Color & Size:

Following color coding is very important to avoid cross-contamination and maintain hygiene standards. Also choosing the right size for specific room sizes also plays a vital role.

For a small office or room, a 40 cm mop plays a perfect role; for a medium area like kitchen, hotel rooms, lobbies, etc, a 60-80 cm mop suits best; for large areas such as basements, parking, 80-100 cm mop provides a larger surface to clean in lesser time.

Kibble provides all types of mop heads meeting all needs.

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